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Synergy Construction and Development Corporation (SCDC), located along Ortigas Center in Pasig City Metro Manila, is a 100% Filipino capitalized corporation established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since May 1983, primarily to develop and construct medium to high rise residential/condominium buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, as well as religious and school buildings.

Inspired by its desire to serve clients’ satisfaction, competent management, and good public relations, the company continues to grow through the years. With the acquisition of the most modern machineries and equipment, in addition to its substantial asset value, SCDC is now on Double “AA” contractor category.

It has always been the objective of Synergy to be able to deliver a product molded by excellent workmanship.  In its quest for perfection, Synergy has purposefully undergone countless construction methods and procedures clothed in a variety of styles and techniques customized to the needs of every project.

As a service oriented organization, we give utmost importance to client satisfaction by continually improving the means of delivering our projects, in the safest way possible, of highest quality attainable, shortest time achievable, at a reasonable cost.Among the most significant aspects of Synergy’s company policy are personalized service, systematic planning, time-efficient and cost-saving construction methodology, safe working conditions, and healthy working relationship; all geared towards producing high quality structures and serving satisfied clients.

Today, SCDC is engaged in the construction of medium to high rise buildings. It has more than THIRTY (30) years of experience and has completed more than TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) projects all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.